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Lovely Lodgings 

Short-Term Rentals, Long-Term Memories

Welcome to Lovely Lodgings

We take pride in providing quality short-term lodgings to those traveling to the Annapolis, Maryland area for recreational or business purposes.

What to Expect

Responsive Hosts

Our hosts are dedicated to quality communication and will work to meet your needs in a timely manner. We want to make sure your stay is as lovely as possible!

Easy Check-In

Contactless check-in! You will receive the unit's address and entry code prior to your scheduled check-in time.

Fair Rates

The nightly price for each rental adapts each day according to seasonality and local demand.

A Clean Space

After each check-out, the unit is professionally cleaned before the next guest checks in!

Safe Entry

Each guest receives a unique entry code that changes with each stay.

Great Location

Annapolis, Maryland is teaming with delicious food, endless activities, beautiful scenery, and history.

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